Piękny witraż z Batmanem uh i ah

nie, 7 lutego, 2016
- Wystawy -

Ansel Adams was a brilliant person, who never limited himself to a single medium. He was a musician, thinker, philosopher. And I through him I learned that photography is a social tool. The remarkable people ended up gravitating to it, some of the world’s most amazing philosophers, poets, musician, writers, so I began to understand that it is all of it together. That photography is also music, poetry, life, experience. I think Ansel affirmed all that I always sensed. And his success was an affirmation of that you could make a choice in your life and take the road last travel. You can have a lifestyle you wanted, a vision you wanted, to be able to express this. He once said to me: “Put a short term gains for long term goals”, so putting off something that 10, 15, 20 years is a commitment. And I’ve learnt from that.